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Massage from director and staffs
Islanz is set up by few Uchinanchu (Okinawa people) in a beautiful Island, Okinawa Japan. Our aim is to explore different kind of domestic and globe bussiness, provide High quality products and satisfy services to all of customers.
Company Profile
Name islanz Co.,Ltd
Address 156, Chunjun, Kitanakagusuku Okinawa Japan 901-2303
Contact Tel/Fax:+81-98-989-8477
Established 2014
Directors Toshio Hamamura
Employees 5
Main Business
Islanz is involved in various of trading and manufacturing business such as:
•Supply quality products with competitive price to Crisies arriving Japan ports.
•Export Japan made transporters/tractors/trucks and different machinery to overseas such as Indonesia. Provide
 relating maintenance services.
•Import and Export different kind of food, beverage, stationary, household goods, textiles, garments, party goods etc.
•Supply safe and healthy supplement.